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With You Since 2018

  My name is Paola Nabi, I am an artist and stained-glass designer. Graduated from Azerbaijan State Arts Academy in arts and crafts (metal, glass and ceramics).  I am engaged in the design of the stained-glass windows, which are very popular in Baku and abroad.

  I love traveling to get inspiration from the beautiful corners of our world, starting from Venice, Murano, which marked as foundation of PaolaArt Jewellery. Our collections of jewellery are made with Murano and Dichroic (two colours, iridescent) glasses in line with my unique design and as well as custom made creations.

   Since 2018  PaolArt Jewellery has been creating handmade jewellery, which are an original gift for loved ones, relatives, friends and to yourself.

   All jewellery are made by Fusing technique.

Fusing is a method of melting designed composition of glasses in special furnaces at high temperatures between 600-1100°C. Outwardly, this process is similar to creating a traditional mosaic, which is then fused together.  Glasses assembled from several layers are melted into a single whole, which then goes through the manual finishing stage.

  Products from Murano and Dichroic glasses are always exclusive, the result of a creative and artistic study.

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